We are the Midgets.

Outfit Leader
None - we are all leaders. We do not use a player hierarchy, nor do we use outfit ranks. We feel every one of our members fully reflects who we are, our motives, our essence. We encourage all our members to step up to the plate and share their ideas and strategies. Confused? Good. Now think about it. Still confused? Talk to Fayaz.

Have fun. We realize this goal by persistently providing a sense of accomplishment in everything we do. We strive to succeed, we do not give up. We treat unexpected outcomes as feedback; we're constantly changing and readjusting - we adapt. Moreover, we do our best to ensure our friends and foes are having fun.

Casual. Relaxed. There are no required play times, no required duties, no required certs. We do require our members to participate in our endeavours. When we're on the go, we all go. When we're split up, we form up. TeamSpeak is our communication medium of choice. We expect our members to keep chatter to a minimum in an active engagement, whilst keeping relevant information concise and to the point.

We welcome all styles of play, whether it is agressive, defensive, or simply ridiculous. We believe in eachother's strengths, and try to cover eachother's weaknesses. Every member has their place, their niche, their specialty. We respect eachother's decisions, and support them. We do not always go for the fight, we go for what is right. In general, we stay away from the zerg, but we do support it by concentrating our efforts on key facilities and emplacements.