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Once you've applied...

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Topic: Once you've applied...
Posted By: Fayaz
Subject: Once you've applied...
Date Posted: 11/December/2006 at 4:47pm
We sincerely appreciate candidates taking the time to post an application and consider full membership with the 1st Cavalry Midget Mobile.
Here are a few tips we'd like to share with all interested parties; helpful reminders that should clear any questions or misconceptions you may have about your recruitment status, and help you make the most of your time with us.
  • There is no 'status'.
    As courtesy to our members and to avoid any unwarranted embarrasment, please refrain from asking one of us "how well you're performing". You should invest your efforts into playing the way you normally do. Just tag along and try to have fun, be yourself. It'll speed up the process.

  • There is no preferred communication party.
    While we can certainly understand that you may find it easier to communicate with certain members and have them answer some questions, know that every active member is up to speed on your candidacy, as information is shared in outfit chat and on our forums on a regular basis. Don't be shy!

  • Get to know everyone.
    Similar to the above tip, joining 1CMM is joining a family. Try to balance your time with as many members as possible. How you go about this is up to you. We certainly do not require you to be online all the time, stick to your regular hours! Simply try to learn a little bit about each member, their playstyle, and how yours can complement it, in some way.

  • There are no 'trials'.
    Do not, under any circumstance, try to convince us of your talents by challenging us to duels. Many outfits recruit that way. We don't. As an exception, 1CMM will often engage in fun practices / TKs while we wait for a hack. Everyone does. Feel free to join in! Simply know that it is all in good fun, and we don't keep track of "scores". At all. Killing specific members will not get you bonus points.

    We base our talent judgement on what we see against viable TR/VS opponents, veterans and new players alike. How you descend a tower, how you cover fire, how you assist, which targets you choose, if you repair/heal others, etc.

  • Have fun!
    Little explanation needed. The less you worry about your recruitment and the sooner you can open up and really be yourself, the sooner we can reach a consensus. It's a game folks!


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