By Khemosabe (05/15/2006)
Nothing says domination like running out of ammo - such is the case is for Khemo. With a little bit of everything, this movie's a keeper, so kick back, relax... and triple jack!
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.few 2: Air to Air
By xRival (04/25/2006)
When all is said and done, trust Matty with that 12mm gun! Don't miss out on a exquisitely well orchestrated montage of pure Mosquito carnage.
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By ap0ck (09/04/2006)
100% Canadian and 100% cool. Whether it's with the trusty sweeper, or even with a good ol' spiker, ap0ck sure knows how it's done, and how to have fun!
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The Little Reaver That Could
By Fayaz (12/19/2005)
Just another day with Fayaz and his trusty little reaver, watching the clouds and people go by... but most importantly, all those planes falling from the sky!
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This Is How We Roll
By Preach (08/21/2005)
From tactics to teamwork, let Preach and this little parody show you the truth - and there's no denying it: everyone wants a taste of our ice cream!
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Ridin' Shotgun
By Khemosabe (07/25/2005)
Let Khemo show you how it's done in this highly entertaining video. This is one Sweeper-loving Phoenix-hugging Max-killing Texas outlaw you don't want to mess with!
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Five - Earthbound
By Aicnelis (05/18/2005)
Aic's fifth video: fast-paced grunting at its best. See Aic clean out towers like there's no tomorrow, proving once and for all, that Rexo can be your friend!
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Four - Flight
By Aicnelis (05/15/2005)
Aic's fourth video, demonstrating advanced flight techniques, awesome target cycling and some slick aerial moves. Check it out! You know you wanna do it...
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