03/14/20075,000,000 Outfit Points. That's hot!
02/10/2007New Recruit: JediOnws. Congratulations!
01/01/2007Happy New Year!
12/30/2006New Recruit: weaver. Congratulations!
12/25/2006Merry Christmas!
11/03/2006Game 6 - 1CMM Wins against Black Widow Co. in record time! Hack at 8mins!
10/30/2006New Recruit: Stairway. Congratulations!
10/30/2006Game 5 - 1CMM Loses against... well... we're not really sure who :\
10/28/20061,000,000+ page views? Sweet!
10/27/2006Game 4 - 1CMM Wins against Hell's Rangers - SA. Intense fight!
10/10/2006New recruit: RaikNC!
10/10/2006New recruit: Hoe!
10/10/2006New recruit: DeviousX!
10/09/2006VerdantForce gets CR5. Awesome!
09/09/2006Game 3 - 1CMM Wins against -Wolfpack-. Mmm tasty!
09/09/2006Game 2 - 1CMM Wins against -Dark-. Nice one!
09/06/2006Game 1 - 1CMM Wins against GoTR. Great work!
07/25/2006AquaNox reaches 100,000 kills... phew!
07/17/2006Performance fix: Shoutbox shows recent 100. Scroll to bottom for history
07/16/2006New Recruit: Interpol. Congratulations!
07/15/2006Happy Birthday Khemo!
07/06/2006New Recruit: Tybox. Congratulations!
07/04/2006Happy 4th of July!
07/01/2006Happy Canada Day!
05/31/2006Destino breaks 300,000 outfit points. Whoa...
05/29/2006Xenetic breaks 140,000 outfit points!
05/26/2006Sniktv2 breaks 50,000 outfit points!
05/26/2006Sniktv2 gets CR5!
04/30/2006Khemosabe breaks 200,000 Outfit Points!
04/25/2006New recruit: Cleverdonut. Congratulations!
04/23/2006New movie added!
04/11/2006New recruit: Sprigans13. Congratulations!
03/26/2006Naebliss breaks 50,000 Outfit Points!
03/25/2006Khemo breaks 175,000 Outfit Points!
03/24/2006NakataH gets CR5!
03/13/2006Goffin breaks 70,000 Outfit Points!
03/11/2006VerdantForce gets CR4
03/10/2006NaeBliss gets CR5, congratulations!
03/10/2006NaeBliss gets CR5, congratulations!
03/03/20064 Million Outfit Points.... YAHTZEE!
02/26/2006New Recruit: Midnyght. Congratulations!
02/26/2006New Recruit: Strat. Congratulations!
02/25/2006AquaNox breaks 100,000 Outfit Points. Yep!
02/21/2006Welcome back, Maxaris!
02/11/2006Destino breaks 270,000 Outfit Points
02/10/2006Preach breaks 85,000 Outfit Points
02/06/2006Welcome back, Seria!
02/04/2006Pad becomes NCrename1957, then PadNC
01/20/2006Goffin breaks 50,000 Outfit Points
01/19/2006Solitary00 breaks 70,000 Outfit Points
01/18/2006Preach breaks 80,000 Outfit Points
01/09/2006Naebliss gets CR4
01/01/2006Happy New Year!
12/25/2005Merry Christmas!
12/19/2005New Movie Added - This Is How We Roll!
12/17/2005New Movie Added - The Little Reaver That Could.
12/14/2005Ap0ck breaks 120,000 Outfit Points!
12/12/2005Aquanox breaks 70,000 Outfit Points!
12/10/2005Naebliss get CR3.
12/08/2005Xenetic breaks 130,000 Outfit Points!
12/02/2005Preach breaks 75,000 Outfit Points!
12/01/2005Aquanox breaks 70,000 Outfit Points!
11/24/2005Happy Thanksgiving!
11/19/2005TrangOul reaches 60,000 kills!
11/18/2005Khemosabe breaks 140,000 Outfit Points!
11/18/2005AquaNox breaks 60,000 Outfit Points!
11/16/2005Welcome back, Cyphix!
11/03/2005MissCleo gets CR5!
10/18/2005Outfit breaks 3.5 Million Outfit Points!
10/17/2005Soiltary gets BR25
10/11/2005Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!
10/06/2005Spart breaks 20,000 kills!
10/02/2005Goffin gets CR5. Awesome!
09/25/2005MissCleo gets BR25
09/21/2005ap0ck breaks 100,000 Outfit Points!
09/19/2005Trangoul breaks 40,000 Outfit Points!
09/18/2005Congratulations Snikt!
09/17/2005Naeblis gets CR2
09/10/2005Congratulations Naeblis!
09/03/2005Preach gets BR25
08/26/2005Goffin gets BR25
08/25/2005Khemosabe gets BR25
08/23/2005Shoutbox date format fixed
08/23/2005Jban gets BR25
08/21/2005Kalohela gets BR25
08/21/2005ap0ck gets BR25
08/21/2005TrangOul gets BR25
08/19/2005Aquanox is the first BR25. Congratulations!
08/18/2005Jban gets BR24
08/18/2005Goffin gets BR24
08/17/2005ap0ck gets BR24
08/17/2005TrangOul gets BR24
08/17/2005MissCleo gets BR24
08/17/2005Kalohela gets BR24
08/16/2005Aquanox gets BR24
08/16/2005MissCleo gets CR4!
08/15/2005Solitary breaks 60,000 Outfit Points!
08/14/2005Kalohela breaks 100,000 Outfit Points. Wow!
08/12/2005Welcome back Andr0ss!
08/12/2005New Recruit: MissCleo. Congratulations!
08/09/2005New Recruit: Goffin. Congratulations!
08/08/2005Jban gets CR4!
08/07/2005ap0ck breaks 80,000 Outfit Points
08/05/2005ChaosLegion breaks 80,000 Outfit Points
08/03/2005xRival gets CR5. Congratulations!
08/02/2005Aquanox breaks 20,000 Outfit Points
08/02/2005Preach breaks 60,000 Outfit Points
08/01/2005Spart breaks 50,000 Outfit Points
07/31/2005Khemosabe breaks 100,000 Outfit Points
07/31/2005Evomograk breaks 40,000 Outfit Points
07/27/2005Member profiles updated
07/27/2005Movies section added on front page
07/26/2005Jban gets CR3
07/25/2005xBz5 gets CR3
07/24/2005Total Outfit Points: 3 million mark. Hot!
07/24/2005xRival breaks 20,000 Outfit Points!
07/24/2005t0ken1 breaks 60,000 Outfit Points!
07/21/2005ap0ck breaks 80,000 Outfit Points!
07/18/2005TS Server Down - Quick Maintenance: 7:00-7:05AM EST.
07/17/2005Chaoslegion breaks 70,000 Outfit Points!
07/13/2005New Recruit: TrangOul. Congratulations!
07/12/2005Solitary breaks 55,000 Outfit Points!
07/11/2005xRival gets CR4
07/11/2005New Recruit: 2Hot-k. Congratulations!
07/11/2005New Recruit: Aquanox. Congratulations!
07/07/2005Aicnelis gets CR4
07/07/2005Jban gets CR1!
07/07/2005Kalohela breaks 85,000 Outfit Points!
07/07/2005New Recruit: Jbanicar aka tehJban. Congratulations!
07/05/2005xBz5 gets CR2!
07/04/2005Happy July 4th!
07/04/2005New Recruit: xBz5. Congratulations!
07/01/2005Happy Canada Day!
06/29/2005Spart gets CR5. Super!
06/27/2005Welcome back Thundahawk!
06/27/2005Member profiles updated
06/25/2005xRival gets CR3
06/24/2005This site has had over 40,000 page views
06/24/2005Kalohela breaks 75,000 Outfit Points!
06/23/2005Khemosabe breaks 75,000 Outfit Points!
06/22/2005solitary00 breaks 50,000 Outfit Points!
06/22/2005ap0ck breaks 60,000 Outfit Points!
06/22/2005Added site icon for address bar and favorites menu
06/22/2005New Recruit: NakataH. Congratulations!
06/22/2005New Recruit: xRival. Congratulations!
06/21/2005Spart gets CR4
06/21/2005TS server upgraded: new codecs, more slots, more bandwidth!
06/21/2005Forum smilies cleaned up
06/20/2005Fayaz breaks 150,000 Outfit Points!
06/19/2005Spart gets CR3.
06/18/2005New Recruit: Seria. Congratulations!
06/12/2005Destino breaks 200,000 Outfit Points. Wow.
06/11/20051CMM moves up to 7th position in NC outfit points
06/11/2005This site has had over 20,000 page views
06/10/2005Chaoslegion breaks 50,000 Outfit Points!
06/09/2005New Recruit: Sparticus aka TehSpart. Congratulations!
06/03/2005Khemosabe breaks 60,000 Outfit Points!
06/03/2005Skiz gets CR3. Congratulations!
05/19/2005E-mail Activation is no longer required
05/18/2005Forum Text size and color adjusted
05/18/2005E3 Monolith Event!
05/12/2005Web site launch
05/09/2005New Recruit: Skiz. Congratulations!
04/26/2005New TeamSpeak IP - Details in Outfit MOTD